Friday, 23 March 2012

Field Work 2012!

We are back this December at 54 Rivington street from 8th -16th. Expect hand carved Romanian spoons and ceramics, Indian bike lights and knitwear amongst other treats...

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Medeival replica brooches,

From a company in America that sells replica jewellery to re-enactors I have commissioned some hand painted hounds for the Field Work pop up shop. £20 each. Other painted and plain pewter replica pieces will be available from the shop from March 15th.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Hello, here are some good things I picked up on my travels. They will all be for sale at the Field Work Pop Up shop in March (see here for more details) alongside other things that are not up here yet. After which I will make this into more of a real shop and will be adding things regularly. But for now, a taster...

If you do want to buy something or want more photos/ info/ to say hello then do email me at

Indian bear mask   only one left £30

Amazing dog masks. Perfect for your Staffordshire dog outfit.. £25 each

Hahahaha good lion £15

Only one deer left £15
Twittwoo SOLD

Fancy Scissors £6
ALL SOLD OUT  waiting on stock..

Incredible large crow carnival masks £35 each
plaster bird £12
Small Bird masks (also available in sparrow or blackbird) £20

metal animals for your mantelpiece £19 each SOLD

One very special large hand painted deer mask. Mount it to your wall and be so much cooler than all your friends with the taxidermy ones. £35

One very special Lion Mask.£35

Some charming Indian 'Staffordshire' lions, SOLD

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Polar Bear felt hat mask £15

Hand painted metal bird toys, tweet when handle squeezed and wings flap
£6 each
Medium hand painted plaster cows. £26 a pair
Large hand painted papier mache skeleton masks with moving mouths. £31 each
Meduim to large knives £10 each